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    The US version of Harry Potter is surprisingly short. 

    I’ve been laughing at this for like half an hour cause when Harry fires the gun it looks like he’s saying “BAM!”

    Bam! Omg I’m dying

    Someone reblogged this from me after I forgot about it and then I laughed for ten minutes and actually LEFT MY BED TO SHOW MY FAMILY

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  3. I was so happy at the circus the other night, laying in my bed watching movies, sleeping in until 1 in the afternoon. I felt home again. I feel so betrayed.

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    That’s a hood ass nigga.

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    Don’t fake an orgasm for a guy, let him know his dick game weak as hell

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    I’m just trying to get lunch, not have an existential crisis.

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  10. I want this tattooed on my lower back

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    “It’s a cool blog, but we are not that interesting. We don’t have much of a story. I don’t think we are worthy of a picture.”
    “We are just happy. That’s it. That’s a good story, right?”
    “No, we are not good enough for your blog. But that happens. It was still nice meeting you.”
    “Maybe we could sit on that tree to make the picture more interesting.”
    “…No, this is not gonna work. I don’t have the upper body strength. We are failing at everything.”


  14. Anonymous asked: as in south fcking america?

    SC, not SA.

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